TY - JOUR T1 - Modulation of shoot phosphate level and growth by PHOSPHATE1 upstream open reading frame JF - Plant Physiology JO - Plant Physiol. DO - 10.1104/pp.19.01549 SP - pp.01549.2019 AU - Reis, Rodrigo S AU - Deforges, Jules AU - Sokoloff, Tatiana AU - Poirier, Yves Y1 - 2020/01/01 UR - http://www.kvbdm.icu/content/early/2020/04/23/pp.19.01549.abstract N2 - Inorganic orthophosphate (Pi) is an essential nutrient for plant growth and its availability strongly impacts crop yield. PHOSPHATE1 (PHO1) transfers Pi from root to shoot via Pi export into root xylem vessels. In this work, we demonstrate that an upstream open reading frame (uORF) present in the 5?UTR of the Arabidopsis thaliana PHO1 inhibits its translation and influences Pi homeostasis. The presence of the uORF strongly inhibited the translation of a PHO1 5'UTR-luciferase construct in protoplasts. A point mutation removing the PHO1 uORF (ΔuORF) in transgenic Arabidopsis resulted in increased association of its mRNA with polysomes and led to higher PHO1 protein levels, independent of Pi availability. Interestingly, deletion of the uORF led to higher shoot Pi content and was associated with improved shoot growth under low external Pi supply and no deleterious effects under Pi-sufficient conditions. We further show that natural accessions lacking the PHO1 uORF exhibit higher PHO1 protein levels and shoot Pi content. Increased shoot Pi content was linked to the absence of the PHO1 uORF in a population of F2 segregants. We identified the PHO1 uORF in genomes of crops such as rice, maize, barley, and wheat, and we verified the inhibitory effect of the rice PHO1 uORF on translation in protoplasts. Our work suggests that regulation of PHO1 expression via its uORF might be a useful genetic resource-in both natural populations and in the context of genome editing-towards improving plant growth under Pi-deficient conditions. ER - ˹5004